New Year, New Things

Red black coming soon

Greetings All and Happy New Year! It is January 22nd, I can still say that, right?  This is my first post for 2016.  A new year brings a fresh beginning, blossoming of new ideas, the setting of goals, and an opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button.  I pray this year brings you all that you hope and dream for.

I want to give everyone a sneak peak of my new project for 2016.  Another book! It is the second in the Samantha Harris Crime Series.  Book two is called Going Rogue.  I thank you all for the support of my first book Dear Diary and pray you will continue to support me as my new baby is rolled out.

Going Rogue

Sam is back and tough as ever!

Samantha Harris is back on the job at the DC Police Department after taking some personal time off after her abusive husband was killed by her partner. Just as she is settling in to resume her old duties, the Chief of Police transfers her to Internal Affairs. Friends and colleagues turn on her, leaving Samantha isolated within her own Department. As she is fighting to get her job back at the helm of Homicide, all hell breaks loose and Samantha is thrust into an investigation of a DC Officer gone rogue. Can she maintain her credibility and prove she is still strong enough to handle the job?

Stay tuned for details!

Be safe,

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